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Let’s talk first

People give many different reasons for doing therapy.  In the end, you can usually boil it all down to one: they’re in pain and they don’t want to put up with it any longer. Sensible people!

We believe in the power of high-impact therapy.  You probably haven’t got years to edge your way towards a solution.  You need change, and you probably need it yesterday.

Is The Grove right for you?

Therapy at The Grove won’t be right for everybody – nothing ever is!  But we’d love to work with you if:

    • You passionately want to change.
    • You’re prepared to work for it (with our support).
    • You’re willing to take the time to make it happen.

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Private Heathcare

Your insurer could pay for your counselling at The Grove – we are registered with the major health insurance companies. We’ll explain how to gain authorisation, so the bills go directly to your insurer.

Read more to find out how it works