Adolescent therapy

Growing up can raise all sorts of difficulties, especially in families that adapt and change shape through divorce, remarriage or international relocation.

At The Grove, we understand the challenges faced at school, in their friendship networks or relationships, including the conflict that can arise between home life and the young adult’s desire for independence. Other factors can also come into play, such as bullying, the stress of academic performance, getting involved with drink or drugs, as well as concerns about eating patterns or compulsive behaviour.

Couple relationships are also really important to young adults, who can often struggle with how to manage their relationships and emerging sexuality. Social media can also play a huge part in developing a sense of identity and visibility in the world.

The Grove has a team of therapists who are specially trained in working with young adults. Ian May and David Lee specialise in working with young adults and families.

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Private Heathcare

Your insurer could pay for your counselling at The Grove – we are registered with the major health insurance companies. We’ll explain how to gain authorisation, so the bills go directly to your insurer.

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