Executive development programmes in the desert

The desert environment is ideal for executive coaching and leadership development.  Far-removed from the familiar workplace, individuals or teams can really focus on how they fulfil their job role; ways to improve teamwork or their performance through adapting their leadership style or changing their working relationships with others.

Our programmes are high impact, through intensive immersion in an entirely different physical environment  as well as absorbing psychological exercises.

There are 2 ways to design our programmes:

  1. For individual executives or leaders,
  2. For a team.

Our programmes tackle some of the thorny issues facing executive teams:

  • Career transition: how to handle a new role under pressure of time while under scrutiny;
  • Dealing with difficult people: how to get notoriously tricky colleagues to align with you;
  • Managing conflict and aggression: how to steer through troubled waters intact.

How we achieve this:

  1. Experientially: through being in the desert, camel-riding,      adapting to an unfamiliar environment.
  2. Psychologically: using tools such as leadership style      profiling, identifying strengths and preferences in managing and teams.
  3. Supportively: individual and/or group coaching to enable      realisation and change.

Before, during & after the programme

The Grove believes in preparing for the desert experience as well as embedding the learning afterwards.

Prior to the progamme:

Each participant completes a questionnaire to determine areas of focus, expectations and desired outcomes. A leadership style profile will be completed in advance by completing an online questionnaire before departing on the trip. The coach or facilitator will meet each individual or team before the programme begins.

Typical exercises during the programme:

  • TMS team profile
  • MBTI / Insights Discovery / TMS leadership profile
  • Leadership style
  • Team dynamics
  • Communication & learning preferences

We design a tailored programme for each individual or group, which can include any or all of the following elements:

  • Individual executive coaching sessions
  • Camel riding in the desert
  • Overnight camping and meals in the desert
  • Swimming in mineral lakes and hot springs
  • 4 x 4 desert drive across the sand dunes
  • Sandboarding in the sand dunes
  • Harnessing anger, frustration and aggression
  • Leadership profiling using the TMS® model
  • Attention to FITness: focus, innovation, teamwork
  • Visioning and visualisation
  • Overcoming obstacles, power of breakthrough
  • Mindfulness & reflection


Inspiring participants to be the best they can be personally and professionally through topics such as:

  • Visioning
  • Goal-setting
  • Ownership and commitment to goals
  • Identifying & overcoming hurdles
  • Using creativity for outstanding results
  • Being flexible and managing change proactively
  • Understanding the importance of teamwork and how to achieve it
  • Attending to emotional or psychological blocks to the above process
  • Harnessing aggression to resolve conflict productively


Our facilitator is accredited in this powerful model which identifies the following attributes for any individual or team. During the programme, attention is given to the following areas as highlighted in each person’s profile:

  •  How you relate with others: Extraversion / introversion
  • How you gather and use information: Creativity /      practicality
  • How you make decisions: Analytical / beliefs driven
  • How you organise yourself and others: structured /      flexible
  • Leadership strengths
  • Decision-making
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Team-building
  • Areas for self-assessment
  • Guidance on developing your own leadership style
  • Advice on how to work more effectively with people who have different personality traits

Each person brings from the programme their own documentation including their leadership profile, strategy for adapting their leadership style according to the situation, as well as their own notes and insights gained from the exercises during the programme.

After the programme: we recommend building in a follow-up executive coaching programme of 2 or 3 sessions in the 6 months after returning. This embeds the learning and attends to the question on everyone’s mind “How do I make the changes I desire, once I’m back in my usual work routine?”. The coaching will be delivered by one of the facilitators from the desert programme, to ensure momentum and continuity.


For individual programmes, accommodation is in private en-suite rooms either at a local hotel in Siwa or at the guest ranch outside Siwa town on the edge of the desert.

For team programmes, depending on the size of the group, accommodation will be in a local hotel.  All rooms are private and en-suite.

While in the desert, accommodation is in a mobile tented camp. The tents and bedding are comfortable, yet suited to the environment.  Delicious meals are cooked on an open fire (you will not go hungry!). The ranch owner and staff accompany the party and look after the group members and the camels with great care.  The camp is supported by a supply truck which moves the camp and equipment from location to location.

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