Mind & body desert retreat

If you are looking for stillness, calm and a space to just be yourself then our mind & body retreat to the Siwa desert may be just what you’re looking for.

The desert environment gives endless space where you are part of nature, so you can connect mind and body and spirit, with lots of time for relaxation and contemplation.

Shifu Weng Hei chi gongWe are delighted to announce that Shifu Heng Wei will be part of our team of facilitators on our mind & body retreats  in future. He will lead the sessions devoted to connecting the energy in your body and relaxation techniques. Although he has a martial arts background in Kung Fu, he is also expert in Tai Chi and Chi Gong.


While on these retreats he will be focusing on mind/body connection and channelling your energy appropriately. We know his work well and he is an insightful character with a high level of awareness.

In his words: “you cannot create energy if you are unable to relax”.

This trip takes 9 days in total, embracing 5 days of the mind & body programme, which includes:

all accommodation and meals from the pick-up point until the airport drop-off at the end of the trip;

5-day programme of yoga / pilates / t’ai chi, meditation, relaxation sessions on a daily basis;

other optional group and individual exercises to connect mind and body, often with some aspect of personal development;

2 life coaching sessions on an individual basis;

optional camel-riding in the desert.

This retreat is based at the desert ranch with a 5-day programme to increase your mind-body connection. There will also be a substantial amount of time spent in contemplation in the desert, watching the sunset.

Usually there will be a morning meditation, group-based discussion, access to your individual coach, meditation at the end of the day before dinner.

Click here for a sample itinerary or here for accommodation details.


The cost of the retreat is £2,100 + VAT, including flight.

All instructors are fully qualified are recognised by their relevant UK professional bodies and hold professional indemnity insurance in the UK.

Dates: a mind & body retreat is planned for April/May 2012. There is currently some flexibility on dates, so please contact us if you are interested in taking part.



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