Testimonial from our executive development programme

“When I first became aware of this personal development course I went though a number of different emotions, scared, excited but knowing I needed to do something to stop what felt like a midlife crisis occurring !  I had realised that work was seriously getting me down and it was starting to have a detrimental affect on my family life

I think everyone engaging in this level of personal development will come out with different experiences and Ben tailored this week absolutely to my needs.   I can honestly say its changed my life for the better, in particular more of a sense of balance and awareness of my impact on people around me but almost more importantly making sure I look after myself just as much as I already look after others.

The experience of the desert was very poignant, the stark beauty of the environment and my camel (nicknamed Rodney) will stay with me forever, I had proper time to think and reflect.  Ben read me like a book and pushed me as hard mentally as the trekking pushed me physically.  He knew I wanted an adventure and I certainly got it!

Since I have returned from the desert my work life has improved immensely, I’m not taking on other peoples issues and more importantly feel so much more confident about my own abilities (without letting other people’s weaknesses undermine me).  My renewed confidence has meant a greater positive impact on the business as a whole

I’ve also been working hard on how I approach my personal life and have learnt to appreciate my family and friends so much more – balance is everything,  just be in the moment!

Finally, My experience in the desert helped me realise so many important things about myself, I would recommend this to anyone who wants to reflect on their life and have a life MOT.  I can not emphasise how much Ben has been a positive influence during and after Siwa, he rocks!”

Media Executive, London

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