Ian May


Ian is a qualified and experienced psychotherapist who has been in practice for over 15 years. In addition to providing individual adult therapy, he is also a trained family, couple, child and adolescent therapist. He has been the School Counsellor at Lady Margaret’s School in London for the past six years and so has significant expertise in working with complex adolescent and family issues in both short and long term contexts.

As a counsellor, Ian has particular expertise in working with addiction and the impact of substance abuse on individuals and families. He has significant experience of working with disordered eating, all forms of abuse, compulsive behaviours, stress, grief, depression and anxiety. He is also skilled in relationship and family counselling, group facilitation and providing clinical supervision for his colleagues and other healthcare practitioners. Ian practises for The Grove in Wimpole Street. He works as a couple counsellor at The Grove, and also offers individual therapy, adolescent therapy, family therapy, executive coaching and supervision.

As a qualified executive coach and organisational consultant, Ian has built a reputation as an innovative and creative practitioner working across a broad portfolio of areas, particular interests and expertise include supporting CEO’s and senior managers with issues related to substance misuse and other addictive and compulsive behaviour.Additionally he has developed a reputation for coaching adolescents and supporting their parents through psychotherapy.

Over the years he has become increasingly interested in organisational dynamics and the skills required to enable individuals, leaders and teams to function more productively in both their workplaces and their lives. Ian also has a solid track record in helping turn around organisations and taking them through merger processes.

This has resulted in a powerful blend of clinical and business skills that have been well received in a wide range of organisations including the BBC, VNU Publishing, Incisive Media, the Westminster Drug Project and Lambeth Mind.

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