Executive coaching at The Grove

If you’re struggling with stress or work pressures, facing redundancy or role change, you may benefit from a short programme of executive coaching. Our courses can help you gain new perspectives on work and successful coping strategies. Our coaches are skilled in working with your strengths and personality to increase your communication, effectiveness and authenticity at work. Meet our team of coaches.

Our executive coaching fees

  • Fee per 50-minute session for individuals: £100 + VAT
  • Fee per 50-minute session funded by an organisation: £150 + VAT

For more info or to discuss the performance issues your organisation may be facing and the kind of behavioural change or performance results you would like to see, please call us on 07973 368512 or contact us online now.

Train to be an executive coach

The Grove runs a training course each year, which is designed specifically for senior people,managers and team leaders. The organisational development course’s core focus is on allowing you to become more effective in your current role as well as prepare for new roles. We also deal with leveraging existing strengths and skills as well and improving overall communication skills and positive behavior change. Learn more about our executive coaching course now.

Team Development Coaching

With an ethos formed from humanistic psychology, our consultancy team works at a process level within organisations using a transformational model for management teams engaged in change. Our consultants work on team development and strengthening executives’ interpersonal and behavioural skills in relation to achieving strategic goals. Contact Sarah Briggs, Director, to find out more about team development coaching now.

Tailored in-house coaching programmes

The Grove can design and deliver coaching programmes in-house for corporate clients. This coaching is tailored individually and can be delivered concurrently for all members of a management team or all those affected by a particular organisational change. Coaching sessions are goal-oriented toward successful outcomes, while allowing time for personal reflection and developmental learning. To hear more about how we’ve helped managers in settings as diverse as financial brokerages, navigation technology, or unit trusts, contact Sarah Briggs, Director.

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Private Heathcare

Your insurer could pay for your counselling at The Grove – we are registered with the major health insurance companies. We’ll explain how to gain authorisation, so the bills go directly to your insurer.

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