Tutors, coaches and facilitators at The Grove

At The Grove, we draw upon a specially selected network of tutors, facilitators, coaches and management development trainers. This way, we put together a tailored team for the delivery of each training course, coaching assignment or management development programme. Some specialize in facilitating training groups; others act as coaches for senior executives; many have areas of special interest.

We find that each project has different emphasis and so we field a particular team that corresponds with the specific brief.

Whereas for our professional development courses, each of the tutors is listed in the information about each training course. Just click on the relevant course title to see the trainers who are involved in delivering the programme.

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Private Heathcare

Your insurer could pay for your counselling at The Grove – we are registered with the major health insurance companies. We’ll explain how to gain authorisation, so the bills go directly to your insurer.

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